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21 y/o pansexual/pangendered person from the suburban hellscape that is northern virginia. i also write chipmusic sometimes.
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October is just around the corner, and while that means Halloween, that also means Satoshi Kon’s birthday. And to celebrate, my next podcast episode will be all about Kon’s works; beyond just his film career. If you have any questions or topic suggestions for the episode please send them my way! Also, to celebrate his life, I’d love to hear any special memories any of you have tied to his works—maybe we could read some on the episode. You can message me or email directly at We’ll be recording the episode on the 26th so get them in before then!

Reminder! Only 4 days left to send me any questions, topic suggestions, or special memories you might have tied to Satoshi Kon & his works for my new podcast episode! You can reblog & add comments, message me, or send em in to!

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